Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My good friend Sabrina posted a link to a blog that struck a chord with me on her Facebook page today.  I linked it to my page and I was told it's loaded with pop up ads but I didn't have that problem.  If you should want a copy, let me know.  Here's my response:  

Oooo, ouch!    Years ago when I first moved into the Tower District, I met Becca.  She worked at The Movies, an independent video rental spot.  Actually, the BEST EVER video rental spot.  The first night I met her she was sporting a shirt that read, "Recovering Christian".  I remember thinking that she was walking a thin line, but years have gone by and things have changed.  There's a reason why she is such a kindred spirit.  Hi Becca!  My name is Miriam and I'm a recovering Christian.  I was raised in a church where we were taught to love the sinner, hate the sin. In other words, "I'm better than you". It has taken years and years of undoing, moving along with fear and trepidation with thoughts of maybe I never really was a Christian to begin with. I'm well into my 30s now and I know what I believe. I know what it means to be a Christian... to me.  I try to be Christlike and that means loving everyone, showing grace, and not judging. When I lose focus and let my ego take over, I start judging instead of coming from a place of love.  I don't like that part of myself.  
I've just arrived home from church. Today, after reading this blog post and the service this evening, I'm challenged to really love. Put my money where my mouth is. Give more of my 'self'. Come from the place of love when I'm tempted to judge. Love when someone hates...