Monday, December 31, 2012

My girl, being the little genius she is, is watching Jeopardy right now therefore leaving me time to write this little diddy.

Tonight, as opposed to the last 9 or 10 years, will be a quiet one.  Providing I don't have more than one glass of Zinfandel, I just might stay up until midnight.  This year my day shift landed on New Year's Eve so I find myself at home with my girl instead of being surrounded by a bunch of grown ups tearing it up Tower style.

Rather than resolutions, I have goals for myself this year.  Tangible ones, attainable, and listed privately... for now.  Resolutions to me seem to be open ended and then forgotten by February.  So this year I have goals, timeline and all.  I've also decided to "name my year", the idea coming from my dear friend and housemate of over a decade ago.  Daphne linked this article in her own blog recently.  I found it so inspiring and wished we lived closer so that I could attend her retreat.  Instead tonight Sophia and I will make "Vision Boards" as part of my search of my name for the new year.   I want to be conscious about living intentionally this year.  In 30 days, I will be 38.  10 years ago, I thought I would be just a little further along than I am now... but I'm not.  It all happened so fast!  I'm happy though.  10 more years, I'll be 48.  Holy shit.  I want more for myself... for my Sophia.   I want us to be OK.  So tonight, instead of painting my lips red, lamenting that I didn't get a New Year's kiss ONCE AGAIN, and toasting in the New Year with my community, I'm going don the stretchy pants and spend it with my 7 year old dreaming of what WILL happen in this next year.

The poster board, magazines, construction paper, glue sticks and glitter are waiting for me in the living room.  So for now I leave you.

Have a great evening my friends.

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