Saturday, March 2, 2013

Yeah whatever. I'm not positive all the time and this post will most likely prove it.

As I was engaging in my morning Facebook scroll I came across this meme. Some days I respond with a 'yes!' or a 'right on!' Kind of like an 'amen!' if you grew up in church. However this morning, as to not discourage my positive friend, I think I'll just comment here with a 'meh'. Yes, 'meh'.

This morning I'm not really sure if I believe that bullshit. I woke up spread across the diagonal of my huge bed. You see, I can do this because for quite some years now I only share my bed with my two cats. And then occasionally the Gangly One finds her way across the hall for a cuddle. I can pretty much sleep anyway that I want because there isn't anyone else to to consider. Nobody calls me a blanket or a pillow hog and I can fall asleep to the TV blaring if I damn well please. Still, one day it would be nice to be waking up next to someone.

Which brings me back to this meme. I'm not looking, I swear! Well maybe just a little, but that OKCupid profile is coming down. Encouraged by my friends who met their soul mates online I gave it an honest shot. Nope. I met Dud, Weirdo, and Cray Cray. I barely have time to date as I work those prime date hours and when I'm not working, I'm being a Mom. Who wants in on that action? (Crickets chirping). The thing is, that's who I want: someone who wants in on that action.

How is it that there are couples who seem just to fall into this? I see it all the time. There are some ugly people (and not only in the physical sense) who have someone madly in love with them who overlook some serious stuff. And contrary to what Oprah stated in my previous post: it's working out FINE for them. Love really IS blind.

But still, that's not what I want. So is that why I'm still single? Because I won't overlook those red flags anymore?

I've experienced love. But I've also experienced some serious heartache. It's left me with wisdom that I'm truly thankful for. Hell no, I won't be making the same mistake twice. But here I am. 38 years old and sleeping single in a California king sized bed.